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Hello there...

We are South Australian Psychology Professionals here to support teens in flourishing. 

We offer Coaching Psychology designed for and with teens (and their families) - 
taking teens through guided discovery, where they can be seen and 


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As a teen, choose the focus areas that are right for you...


Confident Choices

Optimism & Wellbeing 

Aspirations & Direction 

Career Decisions

Happiness & Health 

Insight and Initiative
Getting Exam Ready


A Listening Ear

Meet with a Psychology Coach that listens to you and values your perspective. 

Reaching Outcomes

Work with your Psychology Coach to define what success looks like, aligned to what you want your life to look like.

Encouraging Growth

Each Coaching Program is tailored to the needs of your teen, maybe it's a walk and talk session or a sit and reflect, we're flexible to how you grow best.

Dare to take the drivers seat...

What Is TeenCoach?

Why TeenCoach?

 We offer Coaching Psychology in 3 to 10 session programs, either in person or online.

All our programs are supported by the team of Senior Psychologists from OutsideIn. 

Together, we build insights and guide you to connect with our local network of practitioners. 









Why coaching programs?
We know that consistency is key when it comes to Coaching Psychology, 
so together, we commit to regular sessions from the start. 

Our programs allow valuable time with parents through ParentConnect, a wellbeing profile for every teen and tailored recommendations and resources that inspire growth.

Meet The Team
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Meet Our Team

Robyn Gifford (11).png

Mellie Tantalos

  • LinkedIn

 My passion is supporting tweens and teens to be healthy and happy through alignment with their values. Together, we take a curious approach and journey through the twists and turns being faced in a supportive environment. 

Jessica Milford.jpg

Jessica Milford
Registered Teacher

  • LinkedIn

Through my time as a teacher in schools, I've worked with hundreds of teens through all of the tricky challenges at each stage of teen life. My passion is bringing together Psychology, Education and Music to empower teens to better understand themselves and their choices.

Hannah Long.jpg

Hannah Long
Provisional Psychologist

  • LinkedIn

Through my love for dance and the science of sleep, I have inspired many teens to find their strenghts, look after and challenge themselves. My passion is using Psychology to support teens in building confidence, through a comfortable and creative space. 


Cathryn Robinson

  • LinkedIn

Drawing on life experiences from visiting over 40 countries as well as my love of languages and psychology, I've worked with teens from all walks of life. My passion is to bring out fresh perspectives to support career decision making and transition to higher education.

Sanne Baltussen.jpg

Sanne Baltussen

  • LinkedIn

Over recent years, I've supported teens in elevating their skills in managing stress and utilising strategies to tackle study effectively. I have a passion for the voice as a performing vocalist in choir, and speak both English and Dutch. 

Robyn Gifford (14).png

Cat Roberts 

  • LinkedIn

I specialise in tween and teen counselling with a background in Psychology. As an artist, I believe that through creative expression we promote self-discovery. I work together with tweens and teens in a safe, nurturing space to promote growth and wellbeing.

Connect Now

Meet Our Team of Senior Psychologists  

Jon Doe

Rebecca Edgley.jpg

Rebecca Edgley

Rochelle Brunton.jpg

Dr. Rochelle Brunton

Emma Scharkie.jpg

Emma Scharkie

“Success is not final; Failure is not fatal:
It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

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