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Step 1

You'll receive an email with an info pack all about OutsideIn Teen Psychology options.

(If you don't receive an email shortly, please check your junk folder) 

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Step 2 

Book in a ParentConnect to discuss the unique needs of your teen and family.

(Use the link in the header above, or in your email)

Step 3 

Choose the right service and focus area(s) for your teen and family. 

(Our team can guide you through ParentConnect)

Your Coaching Psychology Program

Our Packages

START Program


  • Upfront ParentConnect - gathering valuable content from you, the parent, in a 20 minute introductory discussion.

  • TeenTriage –  using parent and teen perspective, evidence based tools, current and past assessment outcomes, and practitioner experience to triage your support need. 

  • 3 hours of session time with your Psychology Coach.  

We focus on defining your specific focus areas and needs through...

During your final START session, you will make an informed decision with your Psychology Coach as to where to next? 

This could include continuing your program with us, and/or referral within our network to additional services. 




YOUR Ongoing Program

We focus on your mindset and growth so that you are empowered to reach outcomes through... 


  • Tween / Teen Voice - best practice tells us that when tweens / teens know their voice is heard, it improves their engagement with sessions. 

  • Ongoing ParentConnect time - gathering your valuable perspective throughout the program.

  • 7 hours of session time with your Psychology Coach. At any time you may request that you attend a session with your tween / teen, or book a session for yourself to discuss your teen (these will be deducted from the 10 hour total).

  • One of our Senior Psychologists overseeing your program. 

We recommend sessions every 2 - 3 weeks. 

At the end of your program with us, your Psychology Coach will discuss ongoing options that focus on supporting your teen / tween to sustain their outcomes.  








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